The Methodist Church in Muswell Hill was founded in 1891, initially meeting in a wooden ‘Norwegian Chalet’ which had been part of the Alexandra Palace Exhibition. Then, in 1899, a large Victorian church and Sunday School Hall were built in Colney Hatch Lane.

In the early 1980s, these buildings were found to have major structural defects. Rather than invest huge amounts of money to maintain a large Victorian building, the decision was taken to sell the land, and to build a new church on the North Bank Estate. This combines a lovely, peaceful area for worship with more flexible ways of using the space. Continuity with the old church has been maintained by the imaginative use of much of the stained glass. The huge cross window is made up of smaller windows from the side walls. The emphasis is on faith and service to God being completely integrated, so each window has a scene from a Bible story, together with a scene showing how the same principles are worked out in practice.

Two archives that encapsulate the life of the church over recent decades are now available: the Wellspring Archive gives access to past copies of the church magazine that has been published on an almost monthly basis since 1978, and the Carol Service Archive offers the opportunity to listen again to recordings made since 1987.

Our Inheritance, written to mark the reopening of North Bank, brings together historical information about North Bank and Muswell Hill Methodist Church.

Historic video

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