Attending worship in December

We will holding services in church once again from December 6th, so we look forward to seeing you at church if you feel able to do so.

As there is limited seating capacity within our church with socially-distanced chairs, please let us know by each Saturday 6pm if you plan to attend the following morning, to enable as many people as possible to come to worship when they want to and speed-up the Test and Trace process on Sunday morning.

Please send an email to Bev Combes at to advise which service(s) you plan to attend.

Here is a brief reminder of what you can expect, and what you need to do for yours and other people’s safety:

  • Please wear warm clothing, as the building will be well ventilated and may be cold.
  • When you arrive, one of the Hosts will welcome you and check that you have a mask, which must be worn throughout your visit.
  • After gelling your hands, another Host will undertake Test & Trace.
  • Another Host will show you to a seat in the church.
  • During worship, please stay in your seat and refrain from singing.
  • After worship, please maintain social-distancing as you depart.
  • Please leave the site promptly.

Please be aware that access to toilets is limited to emergencies only.

We look forward to welcoming you to worship at church.